Examine your shipment
Before you accept the shipment you must make sure that your ATV has not been
damaged during shipping. You should inspect the box for any tears or oil stain.
Sometimes the shipping company may place heavy items on top of these ATV and bend the
crate, which in turn may damage your ATV. If you suspect your ATV has been damaged during
shipping you should make sure that the driver sign the damage on the bill of lading. It is
important that you note the damage on the bill of lading as shipping companies only reimburse
you or the shipper for the damaged incurred during shipping if the driver sign it
before they hand the ATV to you. Here at Bormotorsports, we use only the
best shipping companies to ship our products and inspects every
shipment before it is sent out.

Assembleing your ATV yourself?
Please go through  the assembly instructions That comes with your atv. Note that not every ATV
has the same assembly instruction, please feel free to give us a call if you need our technician assistance.
Our brand ATVs usually come in steal crates wrapped in cardboard. They are very simple to assemble and
come about 95% assembled from the factory.


Transportation/Shipping of any vehicle or parts after sale to
and/or from any of our service centers shall be the sole responsibility of the owner.
Any costs of third party labor or any additional parts, tools or procedures required
to replace a defective part is hereby excluded.  Replacement parts are subject to
availability from the manufacturer.

All other obligation or liabilities, including incidental or consequential damages
or contingent liabilities arising out of the failure of any parts to operate properly,
are hereby excluded. Including but not limited to any damages resulting from
loss of use, inconvenience, loss of time, commercial loss, or any other
type of damages or expenses, general or specific, foreseen or unforeseen, unless
applicable state law provides otherwise. (I.e. rental car, gasoline charges, Shipping,
loss of income, towing charges, telephone calls, property damage, or legal fees)

All implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for intended use are limited to
warranty periods stated on Warranty Page, unless any applicable state law provides otherwise.

Bormotorsports and its employees are not responsible for any liability (personal or tangible)
that may arise from riding loading,unloading or anything else that may accrue from use of our vehicles.


For your safety and the safety of all riders of your vehicle, BOR Moto sport, (BOR motorsports)
recommends that any assembly or maintenance on your vehicle should be performed by a
certified mechanic. This will ensure that any unforeseen issues that arise will be
adequately addressed by a trained professional.

Please note that replacement parts procurement is subject to availability from
the manufacturer. BOR Moto sport, (BOR motorsports) does not manufacture parts.

BOR Moto sport, (BOR motorsports) has a trained and knowledgeable staff of technicians
who are able to assist with troubleshooting your vehicle during normal business hours.
Please contact our Parts and Service department in order to schedule an appointment
with one of our technicians.

By appointment Only

Please schedule an appointment
Tuesday - Saturday 10 am to 6 pm
Call 281-442-3030

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